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Shazam- best music app

Shazam is one of the most popular apps in all over the world which used by hundreds of millions of peoples to hand to hand or instantly identify music tracks you hear.

Shazam is a music app which is freed available on Google play store. Shazam helps you to discover new songs and quite easy to use that’s why Shazam is one of my favorite music players for my android device.

The unique feature of this music app is that Shazam can tell you name and artist of the current track you hear, whether this may be on any radio station, a movie, or anywhere else you hear the music.

And that’s not over because once you tap Shazam, you can access to video clips, track lyrics, other related tracks and song streaming services of the tracks you hear.

Shazam app info:

App name:
App size:
14.75 MB
Latest version:
Shazam entertainment limited
Total download:
Above 100 million

 Features of Shazam music app:

1.      Music discovery

Ø  Identify all about music in one tap
Ø  Sing any song with lyrics and watch their full videos
Ø  Through shazam offline, you can identify music when you are not connected with any Wi-Fi or internet connection
Ø   Find new songs through check out recommended tracks
Ø  You can launch Spotify  music app and Pandora music & radio app in Shazam

2.      Share and connect

Ø  Whenever you connect your Facebook account, you can see what your friends are doing with Shazam
Ø  You can Follow your favorite artists through Shazam, to find there latest music track
Ø  You can share your new music discoveries with your friends through facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more
3.    Extremely easy to use

4.    Shazam works with popular devices

5.     Keeps all your tags and searches as historical list

6.    Music can be tagged normally by tap on a button,  automatically by using auto Shazam feature, which works even you lock your android device or switch to using an another app

7.     Auto mode feature: through this feature Shazam can send you notifications about playing track which is around you without tapping on Shazam button

8.    Through Shazam, you can see lyrics in real time for some songs

9.    Shazam provides you a link to you can access this song on YouTube video app

Ø Shazam provides you a list of recommended songs alongside the song you hear so you can discover similar music and artist

Ø Shazam provides you the full biography of artist of tagging song

Ø Charts section: in this section, you can get all trending tags, top songs globally and popular tags in  other genres

Ø Through Shazam you can search for upcoming and further coming concerts of your favorite artist near of you, and buy tickets

Ø Music you tag in Shazam can be opened with Spotify, Pandora, Google play store and beats music

What’s new in Shazam?

  •           Now Shazam can be running with low storage, shazam compressed with almost 10MB.

  •           Auto Shazam feature: when you long press Shazam button on the home screen, you can setup auto Shazam and now you can identify music playing around you automatically.



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