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Fitso- Best calorie Tracker

Friends, here I am with another amazing and really very useful app in your daily life “FITSO”. It is a health-based app that lets you get information, suggestions and expert advice for your health and your day to day routine in order to stay fit and healthy. Fitso lets you hire your online personal coach who trains. It has a number of features such as running plans, tracking your activity with GPS, workout plans and videos, guidance through your online fitness coach, nutritional guidance, calorie counter, real-time status for your walks and runs and a lot more features are available in Fitso.

Fitso app is available on Google Play Store, so you no need to put extra efforts to download the app. What you have to do is only download the app and follow the different plans and techniques to get fit and healthy. It is a worth downloading app.

Features of FITSO App

  ü  The Fitso App is personalized

No matter what your aim is that is whether gain weight, lose weight, build muscle or get fit, a proper workout plan and customized diet is offered by Fitso to achieve your fitness goal

  ü  It is Comprehensive

Feel the change in you by using calorie counter, steps tracking, workout videos, water log, GPS running tracking, daily motivation, diet suggestions and much more to lead a better life

  ü  Free of cost

Other apps may charge your for the plans that are free of cost in Fitso app like free workout plans, free nutritional guidance, running plans, marathon, half marathon etc

  ü  Very easy to use

To reach your fitness goal faster Fitso lets you hire your personal online fitness coach, nutritionist, dietitian. You no need to go out and look for them or take appointments but simply hire them online and follow their workout plans

FITSO App Info
fitso logo

App Name                                                                                                        Fitso
App Size                                                                                                            7.9 MB
Version                                                                                                              2.1.4
Updated on                                                                                                       25 September 2017
Requires Android                                                                                            4.4 and more
Category                                                                                                             health & fitness app

The best dietitian of India creates the diet plan which is fully customized as per the lifestyle that you live. They provide you with the best possible diet plan to make you fit and healthy. Also get the instant reply from a dietitian for any query with the help of in build chat option.


A wide range of exercises, videos, detailed explanation is contained in the workout plans. Get a lot of best suggestions, plans and much more by hiring your personal online coach and stay fit and healthy.
Friends Fitso is a very good app and if you are very much health conscious than this app is for you. You must try it once. It has a lot of free plans that would help you to stay fit and fine. For more such amazing app information just stay updated with us. 



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