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Musical.ly - Top trending video sharing app

Hello, friend, I welcome you to my blog and today we are going to discuss the one of the most trending and popular app i.e. musical.ly app before let me introduce this app to you here everyone is on the social media and is using social apps for promoting or showcasing their talent commonly, you upload videos or photos to the media to showcase people your talent.

Musicl.ly app is a Chinese social networking app it is a video-sharing app you can upload your videos to this app and can add music to your videos it is like you can upload vines, comedy videos, love videos, or just a Dubsmash you will get like and fans will follow you and give you hearts and you can comment on other videos on this app.

You can create from 15 seconds to 1-minute video and you can add soundtracks with the video you can use different speed options like lapse, slow motion, normal, fast and epic mode.

App info

Musical.ly logo

App name
Video Sharing
Release Date
19th August 2014
85 MB
25+ languages

Features of musical.ly app
  • You can record 15 sec to 1-minute video in this app by single or multiple shots.
  • You can add any music or desired sounds and audio recordings too as the video is made.
  • Video editing platform with 14 pre-set filters and special effect.
  • You can change the speed of the video or reverse the entire video
  • You can also create shorter videos termed as live moments which are just the GIF’s with the desired music or soundtrack.
  • In the live moments, you can reuse the soundtracks of any other musical.ly video it gives more engagement to the content you upload.
  • You can also use the features that are “Ask a Question” and “Duet” to interact with the users.
  • A feature i.e. “Best fan forever” this features allows choosing such follower who can do a duet with them.
  • Another feature is “direct.ly” this feature allows you to send a private message to the friends on the musical.ly app.
  • You can go live with this app using live.ly app on the phone.
  • You can also see the videos that people upload near you.

Profitable Users

BabyAriel profile

  • The active users with the high ratings get crowns by the musical.ly.
  • Some of the users of this app have got a humongous following and gained attraction in the musical.ly and outside as well.
  • Baby Ariel, known as Ariel Martin got a huge following on musical.ly with 19 million of followers and got great attraction by the media as well.
  • Famous Artists Ariana Grande, Shakira, Bebe Rexha, and Selena Gomez they promote their songs on musical.ly.

How to use musical.ly

It is a simple app, it is a user-friendly app made on a good interface, and you can take your talent by just combining and acting with the gestures, face expressions, moving the camera and combining the video with good lighting.

Go live on Musical.ly

By the use of the newly launched app livel.ly app you can go live on musical.ly. But it is for iPhone only and will be launched soon for android user. It is available and launched for all the user and is grasping the attraction by the users to capture the live moments.

How to duet on musical.ly

Firstly the person with whom you want to create the duet video with you both must be following each other, and the best part you both don’t need to be in the same place to sing the duet on musical.ly.

Step 1: Find the musically of the one you follow.

Step 2: just go to setting in the lower right.

Tab on start duet now, and now just make the normal musical.ly video and you are now ready to start the duet.

Age restriction for musical.ly

According to the terms and conditions of the musical.ly the user must be 13+ to use officially use this app as this app is attracting everyone from all age groups so there can be some content that a child should not see the age restriction is 13 years.

If the company discovers that you are under 13 years of age then your account can be blocked and the videos will be deleted by the company.

How to change the musical.ly password

As of any other social apps this app also got the option of forgot the password and change the password and it is very easy to do so.

Step 1: Choose the forgot password option on the login screen.

Step 2: Enter the method you used to sign up on musical.ly i.e. by phone number, email or Facebook account.

Step 3: You will receive the email if you choose the email option and just open the email you get a link and by accessing this link you can now change your password, if you opted the phone number option now you will get a verification code on your number put that and you can change your password.

Video effects

As you can set songs to you videos, themes to your videos, you can also put the musical.ly video effect feature this brings a focus for the best-featured videos.
You can shoot slow motion, fast, normal, epic modes and as you go to edit mode you get much more options to add effects to your videos.

 There is also a reverse mode that reverses the whole video and gives you a huge editing opportunities. Time trap option is to repeat the cool moment and relativity option is to change the video speed. These are the effects especially for the users who are little shy or having camera fear like I have.

Musical.ly contests and challenges

The one who likes challenges and contest will definitely love this feature of the musical.ly app. You get the spinning list of the trending topics which you can do in the musical.ly and musical.ly give you the challenge to perform with your talent with the topic you chose on focus.

Just tab on the search option and you get some #hashtags they are the trending tags which you can use to increase the focus and involvement on the chosen topic.

How to save Private videos

 You can share or save musical.ly videos with the one person and can also share on the social network without any tricks.

Where you film the video and edit the video, you can normally enter to that and enter any #hashtag, tab on the save private option, by this option you can save the video in your gallery and can also choose to share on the social media’s.

How to make your account Private

Your account is public as default i.e. anyone can visit your videos if you want to show videos to them whom you want so just do your account as private.
  • Go to your profile, tap on the head located in the lower left corner and then go to the settings gear in the upright.
  • Now go to the settings and scroll downwards unless you see an option i.e. a Private account, now toggle or turn it on.

Now your account is private only those can see your post who sends you request and you approve them.

Get featured on Musical.ly

You will get your featured video on the musical.ly app as you see the videos on YouTube in the trending section, you get your video featured by using a creative, original content and the most importantly entertaining.

Put the trending #hashtags to be in the race the combination of #hashtags will help you the most to get your videos featured.

Thank you, friend, for reading this post I have given every detail of musical.ly app as much I knew in this post share this post to your friends and make it viral, subscribe our page to be notified when we put the future posts. If any a queries ask in the comment or contact us.



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