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Hello friends, welcome to my blog today we are going to discuss on PLEX as it is a client-server media player app it is a media player app used widely as you can stream the photos, video. Music’s and much more by this app you can also stream your personal Medias that are on the Plex media library, It is just like another streaming app by which you can stream the videos and movies online.

Plex can be called as a powerhouse of the contents you need thas all of it. By this app, you can not only get or access the videos and music’s shows instantly but if you are a premium member you can also record the live shows running on the television and watch it later on your wish. You can access all the shows in the basic version if you haven’t got the premium pass on the app and enjoy the shows on your style.

App Information

Plex Logo

App  name
Streaming App
Varies from 90 to 100MB
40+ languages support
All the platform
Number of downloads
5,000,000 to 10,000,000
Varies with the device
Latest Update
2nd October 2017


Finds Accounts on the device
Read The contacts
Modify the contacts
Location Access
Read Messages
Read the phone status and identity
Read the contents of the USB storage.
Take the camera access to make the videos
Record the audio
Can Check the Wi-Fi connections
Access the internet
Prevent the device from sleeping

  • Now stream all the media files.
  • Personalized and trusted video news from almost 190 publisher’s partners.
  • Now organize your personal library and share it to all your collections.
  • Now use plex pass and DVR and live TV on the premium version of plex app.
  • Also, play the files or media on your device by plex.
  • Run any of the media files by this server or plex media server app.
  • Also, can stream files from NAS.
  • Directly stream the files from the dropbox, Google drive or one drive.
  • Can play any format of the video file.
  • Share the files or media files with anyone or also keep it private as your desire.
  • Also, set the parental control available feature in the premium version of plex app.
How to download plex app
  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for the Plex in search tab.
  3. Now tab on the install button and download starts.

How to use plex app
  1. Click on the launch button after the app download and installation completes.
    Play Store
  2. Now the app opens and the signup page comes.
    Welcome Screen with signup
  3. Tab on signup and enter your email and password you want to use the Plex with.
    Login details
  4. After a tutorial comes to use the plex app, slide right tab on got it, Thanks.
    how plex works(1)

    how plex works(2)

    how plex works(3)
  5. Now a window comes with the options of Subscribe for Plex Pass, activate and start the trail, Tab on the Start trail option.
    Suscribtion screen
  6. Now the App Starts Use the app and enjoy Streaming your files and media with this app.

app Setup

Plex News

Thank, friends, for reading this post hope so you might have liked the post on plex app as it is a good app for streaming and do like the post share it with your friends on social medias and love us as we want your support to grow.


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