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Parallel Space - multiple accounts of same app on single device

Friends today I have come up with an interesting and very valuable app for Android that is ‘Parallel Space’. This app lets you use two different user accounts on a single Android device. So with this app can you can easily maintain two accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, games and many other applications installed on your device.

So basically this app makes a parallel space on your device that is completely independent of the original space. That is why you can manage two accounts on the single device. First on your device and other on parallel space or virtual space. Moreover, the app is not too large to install. It requires only 2 MB of space on your device and almost all apps are supported by the Parallel Space.

The app is very simple and easy to use and you no need to put any extra effort to know about the functioning of the app. Also, Parallel Space does not require your system to be rooted, that it can run on every Android device. But its permission list is too long as it requires permission from every app that is run on Parallel Space. Especially this app is useful for the gaming and social networking purpose.


Parallel Space is available on Google Play Store and from there you can easily download it and use it. This app is very powerful and stable. Though some social networking apps cannot be accessed with the same account on a single device so you need to create a new account for that on parallel space. This is one of its cons. You can also customize the themes of your choice on your profile. And the best thing about this app is that the accounts will not be visible on your device and it will remain private.

                    Parallel Space App Info

App Name                                                                                                 Parallel Space
Operating System                                                                                     Android
Android Version                                                                                        4.0 or more
App Version                                                                                               4.0.8339
Last Updated                                                                                              14.10.17
App Size                                                                                                       6.47
Permissions                                                                                                 127
Root Required?                                                                                          NO


                 Features of Parallel Space

·         Use multiple accounts of the same app on single device


·         Protects user privacy by making apps invisible on your device

·         Customize the themes of your choice


·         Supports 24 languages

·         Switch fast between the accounts with just a single tap

·         Stable and very easy to use

·         Almost all apps are supported by Parallel Space

How to use Parallel Space on Your Android Device

Parallel Space is very easy and simple to use. First of all download the app from Google Play store. Run the app and you will get a list of all the apps that are installed on your Android device. Now chose the one that you need to use for a duplicate account. Now you can also create a shortcut of this app on your menu. This way you will have two icons of one app that is one original and one of duplicate.

Now to uninstall that particular app you need to go to Parallel Space and drag that app to the trash. This way the app will be uninstalled from the parallel space.

Friends if you need to manage two accounts of the same app then Parallel Space is the best for you. So download it and use it to make games and social networking experience a better one. And to know more about such amazing apps just stay updated with us.


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