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kik - Now talk with your loved ones Instantly

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Chatting and staying connected with friends is always excited. And many social sites have done a great job to help us doing that. KIK Messaging app is also a messaging app that lets you connect with your friends. But it has a unique feature that you don’t need to disclose your phone number to the one you are chatting with. All you have to do is just pick a username for your Id and start chatting with your friends.

Kik is not about just messaging but its way more than that. It is probably the easiest way to connect with your friends and dear ones and that all through chat. You can choose one on one chat or even a group chat, share videos, pictures, games, gifs and many more.
Kik messaging app is not a competitor application so it is available at Google Play Store and you can easily install it from Play Store.
KIK App Info

Kik logo

App name
Instant Messaging app
38 MB
Updated on
10th October 2017
Android, iOS 6.0 and later
Number of installs
100,000,000 to 500,000,000
Offered by
Kik interactive

Features of KIK App

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·        Always be with your friends
 Be in touch with your friends and dear ones, no matter which device you are using

·        Chat
  Kik supports the feature of one on one chat, group chat or bot

·        Thousand ways to express yourself
 Text messaging, gifs, emoticons, stickers and a lot of other means

·        Simple and best user interface
New design of Kik App is good for eyes and very much easy to use. It lets you communicate in a better way

·        Bots – the best feature
Kik’s Bots are built in to be social. You can chat with them, can get advice on any topic, play games, do quizzes, news and many more.

·        Kik codes
Kik codes let you connect with your favorite people and places quickly and more easily. If someone scans your unique code, a chat opens, and they can send you messages instantly.

·        No need to disclose your phone number
This is also one of the best features that Kik App provides. You no need to tell your phone number to anyone and still you can chat with the people and your friends. What you have to do is just pick up a unique username and start having fun.

·        The sharing space
You can share videos, audio, pictures, gifs, emoticons and many more documents with your friends.

Guys Kik App is really very fantastic and it is always fun to be connected with your friends and loved ones. This is probably the best messaging app with a lot of new and different features that helps you to build a better messaging experience. You must at least try Kik app and feel the comfort of messaging your friends. For more such apps just stay updated with us.



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