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Game Killer- hack your favorite games

If you love android games then you may have faced the situation where you got stuck and could not continue. This is due to the fact that you do not have enough points or coins to proceed or maybe you don’t know what to do at a particular stage of a game.
Now at this particular situation, you search for the cheat codes or the hacking tool so that you can easily continue your game. So, friends, Game Killer App is one of the best among those apps that will help you in this situation.

Suppose you have downloaded a game and it has various stages. In order To unlock each stage, you need some points or say some coins. But you do not have enough coins to do so. Guys here game Killer will help you to heck the game and get points for you so that you can easily play the further stage of the game.

Game Killer App is a competitor app so you won’t get it on Google Play Store but of course, you can easily download it. It’s not at all big deal to download and use Game Killer app.
Game Killer lets you apply cheat codes and increase your points or coins wherever they are required. When playing any game just pause it and you will get Game Killer app icon, from which you can perform any of the tasks discussed earlier. That is to increase points or to apply cheat codes to play easily.

But it has a disadvantage that you can only use Game Killer with offline games. That is you can add coins, points, cheat codes to only those Android games that do not require an internet connection. So if you try to hack an online game then Killer Game App will not help you.
Game Killer also works on the Android devices that are rooted. So if you want to use this app, first of all, you need to root your device for the smooth functioning of this app. Also, it does not work with the paid apps.

               Game Killer App Info

App Name                                                                            Game Killer Apk
Version                                                                                  4.30
Release Date                                                                        31st August 2017
App Size                                                                                  1.39 MB
Android Version                                                                   4.0.3 or higher
Root Required?                                                                    Yes

How to Download and Install Game Killer Apk

               1.       Go to your web browser and search for Game Killer App 


                  2.       Now download the app

                  3.       Go to settings – applications – unknown sources

                  4.       Allow installation from unknown sources


                    5.       Go to file manager and locate the downloaded file

                    6.       Now install the app


                         7.       Installation will take a few seconds


                               8.       Game Killer App is ready to use


Friends, I think this information is enough for you to know about this game hacking app. Though it has some disadvantages like it requires the device to be rooted properly, does not work with a game that requires an active internet connection, does not support the paid apps. But to hack offline games this app can prove to be a better option. So you should at least use Game Killer and have a good experience of playing Games on your Android device. 


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