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BBM Messaging App

BBM is a messaging App with a lot of different features than other apps. It lets you come together with your family and friends in a new and better way by voice calls, chat, sharing pictures and many more. BBM is developed by Blackberry and is now also available for Android users. Many new features in messaging are available on BBM like as you control your messages and shared data, you can retract your messages, share and chat with one or many people at once, you can join conversations on BBM channels, create your BBM profile, free voice calling to your contacts that use BBM. These are only some of the features from a lot many. The best and most unique of all features is that you can delete the message even if it is being read by the recipient.
BBM app is available on Google Play Store and you don’t need to put extra efforts to download and install this amazing app. Now here is a list of all the features of BBM app

                  Features  of  BBM  App

            ·         You  no need to open app, as it is always connected and always ON

            ·         You easily get to know that when messages have been delivered and when they have been                     read by the recipient


             ·         You have access to free calling between BBM contacts


                ·         Easily and quickly share files, documents, photos and lot more


              ·         You can allow your contacts to get your location live on map

              ·         A lot of emoticons are available to let you express your mood


                 ·         You can set the time for the messages that is for that particular time only the recipient can                      see the message and after that the message will disappear from screen

                 ·         The messages can be easily retracted and removed from the chat

                 ·         You can control who is able to contact you. This is because BBM uses PIN rather than                           emails or phone numbers


                  ·         Group chats

                  ·         Join conversations about your favorite topics and with different people with mutual                              inetrest

                             BBM App Info

App Name                                                                                    BBM
OS                                                                                                  Android
Android Version                                                                          4.4 or more
Permission Required                                                                   51
App Size                                                                                        34.29 MB
Last Updated                                                                                10.20.2017

BBM is a very amazing messaging app with a lot new and unique features. You should try it and surely you will have a good experience of messaging. So friends this is all about this cool messaging app and to know more about such apps, do follow us. 


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