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 WhatsApp plus app for Android

WhatsApp plus is the most popular app developed, it is modified version of WhatsApp with various of features much more than WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus app for android contains various features like you can set various themes, set a password on the chats, hide your online status, disable the audio calls on the WhatsApp. You can imagine a WhatsApp with various of the mods installed in it that’s the WhatsApp plus app for android.

I  use WhatsApp plus personally and haven’t encountered any f the error or bugs in it till date, you can also use GBWhatsapp it is same as the WhatsApp plus but GBwhatsapp has more features than the WhatsApp plus.

Whatsapp plus app for android: Whatsapp plus comes with the features like different themes, you can hide the last seen, online status, status view privacy. You can share HD images without decreasing the volume, Send .xml files, apk files, .doc file. Video of large size and much more. Many WhatsApp mods come but many of the features are there in the Whatsapp plus that can’t be included by any of the WhatsApp mods.

Information of WhatsApp plus app for android:-

 WhatsApp plus app for Android

App name
Whatsapp Plus


Minimum Requirements
Android 4.0 or above

App Size 
34.7 Mb

Last update
9th January 2018

Package Name

Whatsapp Plus Features:-

è Set password for chats.
è Read a message, without getting a blue tick.
è Set more themes on your WhatsApp Plus.
è Customize the font color, header, DP design, background and much more…
è Can hide online status.
è You will get a notification if anyone in your contacts comes online.
è Hide the view Status for your contacts even after viewing the status.
è Send any file type like PDF, TXT, Docs, APK, EXE up to 50Mb and more.
è Blue microphone can be hidden even after your play the voice note.
è On the message delivery a second tick is made, it can be hidden.
è Even you can hide the recording status when you are recording a voice note.
è You can get direct updates without connecting to play store.
è You can lock your WhatsApp plus without using a third-party application.
è All the voice calls can be disabled.
è You can write the status of 225 characters.
è Now send HD pics with full resolution.

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How to install WhatsApp plus app for android without losing any data?

Before installing Whatsapp Plus take backup of chats settings>chats>backup chats of previous WhatsApp and uninstall the application. Just go to the official WhatsApp account go to settings, and then to the account now tab on the chats and the chat backup settings, this backup will automatically be uploaded to the google drive.

1-Open the Google Chrome Browser and search for WhatsApp Plus app download.

2-Download it from sites on the Google and it is not available on Google play store.

3-Now download the app.

4-Go to Settings>Security>Turn on the unknown sources.

Whatsapp plus app for android

5-Now install the WhatsApp Plus app.

                              Whatsapp plus app for android 

6-Open the app, now click AGREE & CONTINUE, if you get a message give Allow WhatsApp Access.

7-Enter your mobile number and verify your number by entering the code comes to your phone message.

8- This OTP comes on your phone gets automatically detected (provided that the number you entered is on the same smartphone).

    Whatsapp plus app for android

9-Now tab on the RESTORE BACKUP, it may take little time depending on your internet speed.

                                                        Whatsapp plus app for android

10- Enter your NAME and choose your PROFILE PICTURE.

11-Now click on Ok and enjoy chatting with friends and closed ones, hope you will surely like this application.

Frequently asked questions on Whatsapp plus app for android

Here are some of the questions along with the answers, the questions are taken according to the queries that most of the people encounter and ask.

Q1- Is the WhatsApp plus also available for the iOS users (iPhone users)?
Ans1- No Whatsapp plus isn't available for iPhone, but GBWhatsapp for iPhone is available.

Q2- Is it necessary to uninstall official WhatsApp to install Whatsapp plus app for android?
Ans2- Yes, it is necessary to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use Whatsapp plus on your phone.

Q3- Is WhatsApp plus app safe to install on my phone?
Ans3- Yes Whatsapp plus app is completely safe.

Q4- If we compare GBwhatsapp V/S Whatsapp plus app for android? 
Ans4-  Both are different from each other, you can tet both by installing both together.


   Whatsapp plus app for Android is the app developed and designed with tons of features in it like hide the online status, hide the status privacy, change various themes, set chat password and much more mentioned above in the content. 

You can install the app simply on your phone easily if there is an issue installing the app on your phone just see the steps above, or comment your issues we will solve it as soon as possible.


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