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amazon underground-amazon underground review

Hello friends, today this post will surely help you if you want to use the paid apps on Google Play Store, you might have heard about the company amazonAMAZON it is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, are you little shocked to read that, yes it is one of the biggest and famous company of the world and it has number of products, same likely there is a product of amazon underground. I'll also tell you what the benefits of Amazon underground download. visit amazon underground UK on your Android device for the app store for Android from Amazon. if you are also want to get rid of the problem that "amazon underground app not installed" then read this article until the end. 

amazon underground permissions (Amazon underground app permissions)-the longest permissions list you will ever see.

direct download link: Amazon underground app

      free download amazon underground

This app is just as you have used Google play store i.e. on this app you will find the android games and apps for free, yes you read it right its free in fact Amazon has used a tagline for this app i.e. ‘Actually free’ this tagline is used to describe the policy of amazon underground. It is not a temporary or sessional offer it is permanent, Amazon has announced that they will stop accepting the new apps by 31st may 2017.

Eligibility for being an app creator on amazon underground

An app creator can choose to participate in this app. He will receive the payment by the AMAZON on the basis of the time spent by the user on the app downloaded from amazon underground at the rate of $0.002 per user minute.

Here are some requirements to be an app creator for amazon underground app.

·        1-The app must be available on Google Play Store and App Store (Apple).
·     2-The app contains the inside app that is available for purchase for free.
       3-The app must not contain any subscription process.
·     4-The app to be uploaded to the Amazon version must be similar to the non-underground version.


      1-amazon underground applications contain the updated feature that is not present on the apps that are available in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.
      2-Tons of items are present on amazon underground like music’s, movies, books etc.,
3.   3-Over $20K apps, games even in the app that are actually free in this application (available in US, UK, Germany, and France).
4.   4-Video or movie can be streamed directly via Amazon player.

There are many more features but they are similar to the AMAZON SHOPPING services so I will not mention it in this post.

amazon underground apk download:

STEP 1 – Open the browser on your smartphone or PC, search Amazon underground app on Google.

 download amazon underground app free

STEP 2-Now, click on the official site of the Amazon.

Login to amazon before this step if you don’t have your ID on Amazon create one first.

STEP 3- Now, click on the get app button that is on the right side.

STEP 4-Now enter your email and now open this email on your smartphone as amazon underground is only available for Android.

STEP 5-Now the download will continue.

If you are from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France. You can use this app directly and simply but if you are not from any of these Countries. Then, you have to follow some more steps to use amazon underground.

STEP 6- Now install the app that is downloaded.

STEP 7- Now launch the app, the app will open normally as an only SHOPPING SITE OF                               AMAZON.

STEP 8- Go to settings>Country & Language.

STEP 9- Now, tab on the country and choose any of the countries where amazon undergroundAMAZON                                            UNDERGROUND app is available like say, United Kingdom.

STEP 10-Now click done and the app will redirect you to the main page again.

STEP 11-slide the bar from left and you will see an option of AMAZON APP STORE>Apps &                        Games.

STEP 12-Now, download your favorite apps and games from here directly.

Also, visit "amazon video-android app".

Thank you, friends, for visiting this post I have elaborated this post as simple as I could where I faced the problems using this app. Hope you all are enjoying my post and do support me and I will bring the posts like this more and more in future. Share like Comment your Queries in the Comment Section below my post and do tell us if we need the improvements.



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