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Instagram is now a digital marketing platform, Too. Here's how It works.

Guys if I tell you that I am going to tell you about Instagram than the single question which emerges into your mind will be- what? Instagram?

“I am already using Instagram and well known for this amazing social media application.”

 You might have Instagram on your device if you to share picture and video to the all over the world. It’s all about your business branding and advertising through Instagram.

Yes, guys, you can set up your business on Instagram by targeting your audience. So the question is-how social channel dominant for advertising method for your business branding?

The answer is very logical and simple. Visuals are affected more by the human being that’s why Instagram is the head social site to set up your business online. 

But guys the intent of this article is not about, how to use Instagram as alike, capture and share the world’s moments?

As the recently expanded features of Instagram there are many advertising opportunities for digital marketers in it. So it’s the time to use Instagram to build Business Empire.

How to getting start your business and creating the best content strategy on Instagram? How to give acceleration your business through Instagram marketing? How to do branding and boosting your business?

What is Instagram?

As you know guys that Instagram is social networking application for your Smartphone. Here you can share your captures like photos, videos, content etc. it is very similar to another social media app like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. here you have a profile with a profile pic of you and bio. So all photos and videos shared by you displayed on your profile section in your Instagram home page after login your account. Your follower can see your shares online, just like you can like, comment, and share their posts.

How to make a social interaction on Instagram?

Through your Instagram account, you can follow people which is available on Instagram. You can like, tag, comment and share their posts and even can do private message them for branding your business.

The device required for instagram working:

All iOS and android users can download and install this app for free from there app store respectively

How to set up an Instagram account for your business:

So guys it quite simple to set up an Instagram account. Just follow my steps if you are the beginner.
So let's go guys-

Step #1: install the app

    Ø  very first guys go to play store if you are an android user and search for Instagram there. And click install tab and downloading will start.

    Ø  Open it, after the completing installation of the app.

    Ø  Here you will get two way for resister in the app with verifying with your email account or by directly signup with your Facebook account (if you have not any email account).

    Ø  If you are going through “email verification”, you have to create a username and password and complete your profile detail as needed. After all formality click on “done,” you will be on the home page of your Instagram page.

Step #2: choose the profile display picture

   Ø  Guys as you know that your profile DP is the major measurement which helps peoples to recognize you. So add your perfect picture as your display picture. Use no any fake detail about your profile. Avoid using another famous personality, because of its impact wrong effect on your target audience for your business interactions.

Step #3: your Bio is first identification:

  Ø  Guys if you and your brand is not so well famous now than every line of your bio should be clear and realistic. Your bio should be around 150 plus characters. Your bio should be conveying.
  Ø  Tell all about your brand in your bio and why people they should follow you and your brand.
  Ø  Tell them about your product and the usage of your product in your life.
  Ø  Tag also with hashtag your website or company link in your bio.

Step #4: recognize your target audience:

Ø  Guys if you are a businessman and your product is ready for selling in the market than the first thing for the success of your business is your targeted audience and for this Instagram is the best medium.
Ø  The best conveying reason behind using Instagram for your business promoting-
1.       Advertise your product and services
2.      Gathering best-targeted audience
3.      Connect with best audience community for your business promo
4.      Provide the single detail about your product or brand
5.      Make the values and cultures of peoples

Step #5: hashtag-it's really working:

  Ø  According to experts the post on Instagram with hashtags plays an important role in branding your product on social media.
  Ø  You will get better brand promoting with hashtags.
  Ø  You can take hashtags as the linking of your product online.
  Ø  For finding the hashtags simply go to google and search for some trending hashtags to put your post in the top from the others.

Step #6: tell audience for the call to action for your post:

  Ø  It means you can appeal to your audience and followers for like, comment, tag and even share the post. By this way, you can increase your product values among your viewer and it will also increase your interaction with audiences.
    Ø For example, you can put two product of yours and tell the audience for action like give like for first and do comment for the second product.
  Ø  And there are many ways for the call to action.

Step #7: Instagram Direct feature:

Ø  Guys if you have categorized your audience in many parts that time Instagram new ‘direct” will work because with this feature you can share your image and video with your follower individually different category or group.
Ø  This group can be as big as 15 users whom you want to share your post.
Ø  This method works as a very helpful and powerful key to improving the marketing and outreach.
Ø  It will also help you to increase your audience.

Step #8: create high-quality content:

Ø  You all know that today in the era of technology we cant make fool the audience through fake branding.
Ø  If the content is not good than the people will come to your page one time and never again.
Ø  So your content should be unique, effective and straightforward. Best content means from every side of images, videos, and text also.
Ø  If your content is a quality content (effective and descriptive) than visitor will come to your page again and again through Instagram.
Ø  Post should be centered around one thing without diverting the mind of the audience. This method will definitely grab the attention of your visitors.

How to set up your business through Instagram:

Guys what will your reaction if I say that” how to earn through Instagram?” how we can use Instagram as your business platform?

The best thing to set up your business on Instagram is a fun.

This is not needed to spend your whole life just posting and sharing but its need a dedication to ensure that your business earning some great leads.

For this, just follow some basic suggestion and strategy like using more tools for better managing your Instagram business–

   §  Manage multiple Instagram accounts

As normally we can manage only social media account but guys, we have much software that can create more than one accounts and do manage everything easily. If guys you want to manage the more Instagram account of your client than you can purchase the premium software license.
  §  Better marketing research
another feature of this tool is you can search audience related to your niche.and you can conduct proper market research.
  §  Post as Instagram stories
there is also some software for automatically post your daily stories as images on Instagram. Which help you to create more traffic on your page.
  §  Share viral content
Choose some tools which allow you to search some trending in your niche and do share it by using hashtags which is a quite great idea to increase traffic to your posts.
  §  Manage your followers
You can automatically do follow and unfollow your followers and following through using simple scripting tools and software. It's easy to use and can manage your Instagram account fully.
  §  Private messaging section
There is also available a tool through you can send automatic message or message back to engage them with you and with your post.
  §  Start targeting audience
Targeting your audience is very necessary to increase your brand and business.
  §  Branding
We all know that we are living in the era of the advertisement so the branding of our product is very necessary to put your business on another level so social media or Instagram is very simple and productive for branding your site.

conclusion about Instagram apk:

That all guys we can use Instagram as a best social media networking app to grow your business empire. This is the only freemium and simplest way to branding to your product or business so guys if you like this article, give it thumbs up and do share with your friends and family members to aware them about this best way of business set up and make it viral. 

Fitso- Best calorie Tracker

Friends, here I am with another amazing and really very useful app in your daily life “FITSO”. It is a health-based app that lets you get information, suggestions and expert advice for your health and your day to day routine in order to stay fit and healthy. Fitso lets you hire your online personal coach who trains. It has a number of features such as running plans, tracking your activity with GPS, workout plans and videos, guidance through your online fitness coach, nutritional guidance, calorie counter, real-time status for your walks and runs and a lot more features are available in Fitso.

Fitso app is available on Google Play Store, so you no need to put extra efforts to download the app. What you have to do is only download the app and follow the different plans and techniques to get fit and healthy. It is a worth downloading app.

Features of FITSO App

  ü  The Fitso App is personalized

No matter what your aim is that is whether gain weight, lose weight, build muscle or get fit, a proper workout plan and customized diet is offered by Fitso to achieve your fitness goal

  ü  It is Comprehensive

Feel the change in you by using calorie counter, steps tracking, workout videos, water log, GPS running tracking, daily motivation, diet suggestions and much more to lead a better life

  ü  Free of cost

Other apps may charge your for the plans that are free of cost in Fitso app like free workout plans, free nutritional guidance, running plans, marathon, half marathon etc

  ü  Very easy to use

To reach your fitness goal faster Fitso lets you hire your personal online fitness coach, nutritionist, dietitian. You no need to go out and look for them or take appointments but simply hire them online and follow their workout plans

FITSO App Info
fitso logo

App Name                                                                                                        Fitso
App Size                                                                                                            7.9 MB
Version                                                                                                              2.1.4
Updated on                                                                                                       25 September 2017
Requires Android                                                                                            4.4 and more
Category                                                                                                             health & fitness app

The best dietitian of India creates the diet plan which is fully customized as per the lifestyle that you live. They provide you with the best possible diet plan to make you fit and healthy. Also get the instant reply from a dietitian for any query with the help of in build chat option.


A wide range of exercises, videos, detailed explanation is contained in the workout plans. Get a lot of best suggestions, plans and much more by hiring your personal online coach and stay fit and healthy.
Friends Fitso is a very good app and if you are very much health conscious than this app is for you. You must try it once. It has a lot of free plans that would help you to stay fit and fine. For more such amazing app information just stay updated with us. 


HD Cinema | free online movie streaming apk | hd cinema apk

hd cinema apk on android

Hello, guys, I am back with another interesting android application for you. Guys, we all know that during vacations or weekends we have needed some interesting ways to spend free time. So there are many ways to spend your free time like put yourself in social activities, join some social groups, choose a sport etc.

But guys if you are a person with an introvert personality like me then we have got to find some other ways to escape boredom. So now, the best way to get rid of boredom and enter into our own planet of imaginations is the movie. Yes guys, back to back movies with different concepts, logic, and imaginations.

But we all know that it is not easy to find a movie you want to watch particularly latest movie. But don’t worry guys in this article I am going to introduce you to a solution to this problem as an android application- hd cinema apk 

hd cinema apk free download

Brief intro about HD cinema apk:

Hd cinema apk is a freemium application for your Android device in which you can watch your favorite latest movie or TV shows for without any pay.
For some obvious security reasons, HD cinema apk is not available Google play store but easily available on the web. 

So, download Hd cinema apk for free for your android gadget and enjoy your beloved latest movie or TV show with HD quality, change video quality from 240p, 320p, 420p,720p and 1080p according to your internet or wifi connection. The best thing about the app is fast loading. So now you can tap any movie and enjoy it without buffering.

hd cinema apk on android

App information:

App name:
Hd cinema
App size:
Stable internet connection, full HD mobile screen, and a list of movies
Min. device RAM:
Min. device ROM:
1 GB
Android requirement:
Android v4.2 and above

Features of Hd cinema :

HD cinema apk

Ø  Hd cinema apk is an android app with a very simple user supporting interface.
Ø  The app is very easy to use
Ø  Full HD quality latest movie and TV show
Ø  The HD cinema  offers daily updated movie and TV shows through you can get the latest movie
Ø  Here you can watch the latest movie in any quality 140p, 360p, 480p, 760p, and 1080p, according to your internet connection
Ø  It browses and loads movies quite fast as compared to other similar Android apps
Ø  In this app you can save or download the movie for watching later
Ø  This app also provides you a feature to sorting list movies according to your genre preference and movie rating

How to get HD cinema download from web:

1- This is quite easy to download and install the HD cinema apk, simply search for the app in your android browser and tap on the download link to this app.

hd cinema apk

                                                    hd cinema apk

Also read: HD cinema download

2- After downloading clicks on “install now” to set up the app on your Android device and select “done” after installing the app.

                               install hd cinema apkinstall hd cinema apk

3- And now you can open the app simply and enjoy your favorite latest movie and TV shows.

hd cinema apk on android

Final word about Hd cinema download:

Guys we all know that there is tons of android app similar to this application so this is very difficult to choose best of them. so now the question is that why download Hd cinema apk? the answer is it updated daily it seems that app development team is so dedicated, this makes it different to others.

I hope guys you like this article on this online movie streaming app for android, so if you like the content then give it thumbs up and share with your friends and also share about movie list which you watched with this application, comment on the content below to share your experience with the app.


Shazam- best music app

Shazam is one of the most popular apps in all over the world which used by hundreds of millions of peoples to hand to hand or instantly identify music tracks you hear.

Shazam is a music app which is freed available on Google play store. Shazam helps you to discover new songs and quite easy to use that’s why Shazam is one of my favorite music players for my android device.

The unique feature of this music app is that Shazam can tell you name and artist of the current track you hear, whether this may be on any radio station, a movie, or anywhere else you hear the music.

And that’s not over because once you tap Shazam, you can access to video clips, track lyrics, other related tracks and song streaming services of the tracks you hear.

Shazam app info:

App name:
App size:
14.75 MB
Latest version:
Shazam entertainment limited
Total download:
Above 100 million

 Features of Shazam music app:

1.      Music discovery

Ø  Identify all about music in one tap
Ø  Sing any song with lyrics and watch their full videos
Ø  Through shazam offline, you can identify music when you are not connected with any Wi-Fi or internet connection
Ø   Find new songs through check out recommended tracks
Ø  You can launch Spotify  music app and Pandora music & radio app in Shazam

2.      Share and connect

Ø  Whenever you connect your Facebook account, you can see what your friends are doing with Shazam
Ø  You can Follow your favorite artists through Shazam, to find there latest music track
Ø  You can share your new music discoveries with your friends through facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+ and more
3.    Extremely easy to use

4.    Shazam works with popular devices

5.     Keeps all your tags and searches as historical list

6.    Music can be tagged normally by tap on a button,  automatically by using auto Shazam feature, which works even you lock your android device or switch to using an another app

7.     Auto mode feature: through this feature Shazam can send you notifications about playing track which is around you without tapping on Shazam button

8.    Through Shazam, you can see lyrics in real time for some songs

9.    Shazam provides you a link to you can access this song on YouTube video app

Ø Shazam provides you a list of recommended songs alongside the song you hear so you can discover similar music and artist

Ø Shazam provides you the full biography of artist of tagging song

Ø Charts section: in this section, you can get all trending tags, top songs globally and popular tags in  other genres

Ø Through Shazam you can search for upcoming and further coming concerts of your favorite artist near of you, and buy tickets

Ø Music you tag in Shazam can be opened with Spotify, Pandora, Google play store and beats music

What’s new in Shazam?

  •           Now Shazam can be running with low storage, shazam compressed with almost 10MB.

  •           Auto Shazam feature: when you long press Shazam button on the home screen, you can setup auto Shazam and now you can identify music playing around you automatically.

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